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Hi my name is Sarah, I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with 15 years of hands on experience. I am passionate about animals, their welfare and the environment. I have grown up with a menagerie of animals and was always rescuing animals from a young tender age. I am a great believer in doing what you are passionate about and feel very privileged to have worked in the Veterinary field. I started off working in private practice then moved into referral practice at the Royal Veterinary Collage as an ICU nurse but by far my favourite was working for the Blue Cross Animal Charity in Victoria. They do incredible work, the animals always came first in every instance and I worked with a very passionate hard working team.

I embarked on my new business venture in March 2015 which has allowed me to use my skills as a Veterinary Nurse and my passion to look after those most dearest to you. I know that as a nation, we love our pets but often struggle to juggle a busy work life with the quality time and care that our pets need and deserve. Let that be a worry of the past and allow me to step in and make a difference to both your lives. It would be my privilege to look after your much loved pet. Rest assured that your pet will be secure and happy in my care. It goes without saying that I will take care of them as if they were my very own. You are more than welcome to contact me to arrange a FREE PERSONAL CONSULTATION.

I stay in a cosy two bedroom ground floor flat in Mill Hill with a good size, secure garden which would best suit small/ medium sized pets. There are no other pets or children in my home. I am a non smoker. I'm also spoilt for choice for parks and walks to go on, in the immediate surrounding area. I am flexible and will do my utmost to meet the requirements of you and your pets. You are welcome to visit my home first to provide peace of mind.

 I look forward to meeting you and your babies...

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